The Doli Atamian Campership Program

We are an all volunteer organization raising funds to provide a camp or summer experience for children of low-income families in the Acton or Boxborough area.  All funds go to camperships except for paper and postage used in fundraising and state required non profit fees.

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Doli Atamian

Our Mission

The Doli Atamian Campership Program raises funds from individuals, churches, businesses and civic organizations to provide a camp or summer experience for children of low-income families who reside in Acton or Boxborough or for those whose housing is subsidized by the Acton Housing Authority in other communities contiguous to Acton and Boxborough.

A summer camp experience is valuable for children who often have no access to recreational areas and limited opportunity to explore new interests and skills. The opportunity to attend summer school can make a significant difference to a child in remaining with his or her peer group.  

"It's been a godsend to be able to work a few weeks worry-free during the summer... Without Doli I ask myself, "Where would she be?" -Parent

"Thank you so much for allowing me to go to the Boys and Girls Club of Assabet Valley this summer. Along with being able to color this picture I got to go on many fun field trips like Canobie Lake Park. Thanks a bunch for donating so I could go." - Camper

"I am sincerely honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Doli Atamian Campership Program. My mother and I, thank you for your kindness and your generous support, which have allowed me to be exposed to different colleges at football recruiting camp. The coaches were pleased to know me, and it was a great opportunity to meet with them in person as well. We are both very thankful for receiving this gift." -Camper, age 16

"Thank you so much for helping me be able to go to Drivers Ed class. It’s hard for my mom to pay for everything so thank you for helping. Once I get my drivers license I’ll be able to babysit and make my own money so thank you again!" -Camper

"Over the summer I attended Smith College’s Summer Science and Engineering program and it was made possible by the wonderful help from your foundation. Because of DACP I was able to experience one of the most amazing summers of my entire life. I met so many wonderful new people from diverse backgrounds and I made friends that I will remember forever. Not only that but I learned so many new things and discovered new things about me along the way. While I was at Smith, my two focuses of studies were coding and astrophysics, and everything learned blew my mind. I did things that I never thought I would be able to do, like creating my own video game and discovering the science behind black holes. Also, I explored the beautiful campus that Smith College has and even a bit of Northampton. Once again I am very thankful to DACP for allowing me to have an amazing and experience filled summer!" -Camper, age 13

"Thank you so much for the scholarship! Coming from a low-income family, I normally have to pick and choose the extracurricular I pursue. With this scholarship, I have been able to participate in more activities, without having to stress. I appreciate this act of kindness that you do for kids like me, and cannot thank you enough." -Camper

"Thank you for sending me to cheer camp. I loved tumbling and cheering. Thank you so much for letting me have a campership at NARA! I had an awesome time. I made lots of friends and saw some old ones too. I look forward to going again." -Camper

"I am ten years old and in grade five. I’m sending this letter to thank you for sponsoring me and my brothers for summer camp at Grotonwood. This summer we had a lot of fun, played games, and made new friends. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity." -Camper

"Thank you for funding me at Drone and Code. I had fun programming and flying the drones. It was a good learning experience for me." -Camper

"Thank you so very much for all your contributions. Going to camp was the best part of my summer. I saw old friends and made new ones on the lake. I went paddle boarding and sailed. These memories will stay with me always. Thank you for everything." -Camper

"Dear Generous Person, I never saw you before, but thank you for letting me go to sports camp. I loved, loved floor hockey, dodge ball, soccer and everyone there. I loved making friends. Thank you so much. I love you guys!" -Camper

"I had a great time at camp and I learned to sail on a boat called Ringo Starr." -Camper

“I really wanted to thank you guys for providing the scholarship for my son for his driver’s ed. Times have been really tough this year. We would have had a hard time affording the whole cost. So thank you guys again so very much. We really appreciate everything you are doing for the community.” -Parent

“Dear generous donor, Thank you so much for allowing me to go to French camp for 2 weeks this summer. I had so much fun getting to listen to a French song each day and challenging myself to speak only French for 2 hours a day with others my age that were just as passionate as me about French. My favorite part of the whole experience was learning how to talk about current things with French teenagers (like technology and the current fashion trends). I hope I will get to go back (in person) next year to further my learning. Thanks so much for this amazing experience!” -Camper, age 16

“I provided rides so my son could attend speed and agility camp this summer and just want to add my thanks for providing this opportunity to this young man. Particularly this summer when there were so few opportunities for the kids to socialize, this was a fantastic opportunity for him to get out of the house. Thank you!” -Parent

"We want to thank you Doli Atamian Campership Program to allow my sons to play basketball. Everyday when they come home, they talk about camp and basketball and how they have improved in the game." -Parent

"The community is very fortunate to have so many sponsors in helping the less fortunate. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." -Parent

"Camp was so much fun and I made new friends. We played many games and went swimming. Thank you so much for giving me this awesome experience." -Camper

"This is the best summer I ever had in the Boy Scouts." -Camper

“I got to see my friends, learn a lot from Coach Crossman and even beat my personal record! This campership made a huge difference for me this year, so many thanks!” -Camper

"I met new people and met up with old friends. I met little kids, they were a lot of fun to talk to and they all had different personalities. Thank you again for your donations." -Camper

" I really miss Charm & Gracie (my horses at horse camp) they were really good. Thank you for sending me." -Camper

"They learned so much about teamwork values, art, drama, music, sports and discipline... When the adventures of camp ended both actually cried. There is no way we could have afforded camp. Thank you." -Parent

"I love summer camp. I love my friends. I love my counselors. I loved game day." -Camper

“Thank you so much for all your support. It makes a difference I assure you. It’s difficult as a single mother to fund extra activities at an already challenging time of the year with Back to School shopping." -Parent

"Thank you so much for your donation. It was very kind of you to do that, not only that but if not for you I wouldn’t have learned and improved so much in my ballet. Especially during the pandemic. I learned pirouette, do over splits, multiple dances and more!” -Camper, age 10

"I know there is just not any way you could realize what a huge difference you made in this sweet little girl's life. I wish there were bigger words than Thank You but I guess they will have to do." -Parent

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